• what's that coming over the hill?

    Yep, that's right, the packaging monster is back again. Why can't the world just stay saved?

    Following on from last year's very successful packaging event, our friends at the Design Programme have put together a second free Taming the Monster event, aimed at helping small to medium businesses slay their packaging demons. There will be several guest speakers, including Laurel from a.m. associates, as well as manufacturers (with examples of their products), designers and other packaging professionals. There will even be refreshments on hand, so who says there is no such thing as a free lunch!

    For more info contact Sara Walker: sara@lotono.co.uk

  • parlate italiano?

    No? Nor us, but our book has been translated into Italian (Perché Cellofanare un Cetriolo), so this Spring Laurel is off to Italy to deliver a Cucumber Seminar at ILUM (International Languages University of Milan).


  • check out our dongles!

    Tech upstarts Triggertrap have dubbed our new line of camera accessory packs “packaging porn”. The packaging is for a range of cables, which allow you to get some brilliant photographic effects simply by hooking up your smart phone to your DSLR camera. It had to work pretty hard... be hangable, freestanding, robust for posting, easy-opening and recyclable, not to mention uber cool.

    So we came up with a branded lightweight pulp carton inside a graphic outer wrap, featuring an easy-open rip-strip. The pulp carton is reusable, making it easy to store (and find) the cables. Then when you want to throw the packaging away it all goes in with the recycling.

    Watch the unbox on Triggertrap’s website...

  • up yer OOBE!

    Crazy as it sounds, Youtubes’s third most watched channel in mid August was DisneyCollectorBR, a channel devoted entirely to unwrapping Disney toys. Unboxing videos of all sorts are hugely popular on the web, from gadgets and gizmos (the unboxingchannel) to high end fashion accessories and perfumes.

    So it seems the OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) is as important as ever and the unboxing videos only serve to heighten the anticipation.

    The danger is that we pursue the fun stuff- a sense of theatre and engagement- at the expense of the environment. With a bit of the right sort of creativity you can both be green and be seen!

  • instant eco

    Ground coffee style packaging for instant coffee has been a great innovation, but perhaps one borne as much out of opportunism and good fortune as concern for the environment. After all the same brands still make individually packaged one-shot coffee capsules.

    The foil bag cleverly implies real-coffee quality and freshness, whist dramatically reducing the weight and volume of the pack, saving a heap of money in the process. So when Kenco introduced the format they played heavily on the environmental benefits of their packaging in their advertising. As a result they completely shook up the instant coffee sector, to the extent that most instant coffees now have a resealable refill option.

    So where are all the other bag refills?

    The ones for laundry detergents, hair products, deodorants, washing-up liquids and just about any trigger spray.

    Tackled in the right way there is huge potential to make real inroads into many different sectors. Kenco have shown that with a little explanation consumers will readily respond to an environmental message, even if that means some slight inconvenience.

  • recycle less!

    We have got used to recycling as being the catch-all environmental solution, but it is much better to reuse packiaging. This classic multi-function pack from Nutella does just that. After you have finished the spread the jar can be used as a tumbler. The lid is useful too, doubling up as a clip-on cover for standard tin cans.

  • zero waste vancouver

    Following the release of our book, Laurel has been asked to spread the word at several packaging and environmental events.

    She was in Vancouver in October, speaking at their Zero Waste Conference...


  • homehub hands-on

    You can catch a glimpse of our Bt Homehub 4 packaging in this hands-on video:


    We designed the pack to be environmentally friendly and slim enough to conveniently fit through most letterboxes.

    We'd love to hear what you think!

  • grrr!

    It may be hard to believe, but many small businesses feel that packaging can be a beast of a problem.

    We're collaborating with The Design Programme to create an event that hopes to put those packaging demons to bed:


  • seams success

    We'd just like to take a moment to congratulate Karen Gerrard, of Seams.

    We worked closely with Karen on the brand development and packaging for her new all-in-one beauty cream for hands and nails, and we're happy to announce that her product has just been featured in Hello Magazine.

    Congratualtions Karen!

    For more information on Seams products, take a moment to visit her website:





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