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Fruitful Developments

We are always on the look for alternative sustainable material developments and an increasing number of materials are being made from fruit waste, but are not necessarily used for packaging… at the moment. Many are created as leather alternatives, which is an important step forward in material innovation, as many of these alternatives are created from a byproduct of the food and waste industries.

Pineapple leather, otherwise known as Pinatex, is made from the fibres of pineapple leaves. These leaves would have otherwise been trashed or burned.

The discarded peels and cores of apples have been developed into a material known as Frumat. Similar to Pinatex, Frumat has the look and feel of leather, so can be used to create footwear such as trainers.

Another fruit being transformed into a leather alternative are grapes. The material is known as Vegea, which is a wine pulp created from grape skins, seeds and stems.

Coconut husks are moulded together to create cartons for eggs, fruits and vegetables. They offer a cushioning protection and keep produce fresh during transit.

Advances that give value to waste products and prevent burning of harvest residue and methane emissions, through plant material rotting on landfill, should be embraced and celebrated.

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